FAQ – Hog Roast Catering

Below are some of the questions we get asked most during our time as mobile caterers. We want to make sure that your event goes as smoothly as possible, so if these don’t answer your questions then feel free email us or contact us through our website or give us a call today – we will be most happy to help.

Is pork the only meat you serve?

Absolutely not, we can supply a variety of different meats for you to choose from, including our whole roasted chickens, mouth-watering turkey or delicious beef… or any other meat you can think of!

Will we need to make sure that electricity and gas is available at my event location?

Spitting Pig Leicestershire is proud of being fully self-sufficient, we require no electricity as our machines are run fully on gas, which we also provide ourselves in bottles. This means that we can provide a hog roast for you in the middle of your camp-site, on the roof of your building or even in your living room.. all we need is enough space for all our amazing food.

What’s the maximum amount of people who can be catered for?

We have no limit to the amount of people we can cater for, as long as we know how many people will be coming we can make sure that every guest is fully satisfied with the amount of food on their plate and that no one gets left out. Don’t worry about big numbers, the quality doesn’t suffer either! We are experienced in catering for events with thousands of guests as well as the small scale events with 15 guests.

I’ve picked my menu but I’d like to make a few changes, is this possible?

We know that everyone has different opinions/taste when it comes to food, so we welcome all changes to our menus, whether you’d like to change your choice of meat, or add a few different salads or even make sure we have your favourite sauce… we will try our very best to make your menu perfect!

Or maybe you know exactly what you are looking for already but can’t find it on our website? Not a problem at all, we are happy to create bespoke menus for our customers so that we can meet each individuals requirements.

Do you cater for vegetarians/vegans?

Yes, our vegetarian/ vegan menu is widely popular and sometimes picked by our meat-eating customers! The most popular option being our veggie skewers, paired with one of our delicious sauces and popped in a wrap it makes a fantastic meal.

I’d love to have real plates instead of disposables ones, can these be supplied?

If you’d prefer a more formal touch to your event we are happy to provide real plates at an extra cost, these prices can be found on your free quote

What happens if it rains on the day?

For all outdoor events we always suggest to our customers having a ‘Plan B’ prepared for the guests. We will always have a gazebo to protect the food and serving area however we can’t shelter all of the guests. So on the many occasions that it does rain in the typically rainy England it’s not a problem for us at all, the show still goes on!

There are no prices, how much is it?

We don’t list set prices on our website due to several factors that we always take into consideration when quoting for your event. Factors such as, date, location, number of guests which can be a key part when pricing which is why we price each event individually. For your free quotes please do either give us a call or submit an enquiry form and one of the team will be more than happy to help you.