Hog Roast Countesthorpe

Hog Roast CountesthorpeEvent catering is a service that requires a touch of ingenuity and style to it. Anyone can serve up a platter of 1 filling sandwiches or oven cooked ready meals, but few can put out a stylish range of high-quality fresh foods or a novel hog roast made in the authentic spit roast style. That, however, is what we at Hog Roast Countesthorpe can do for your events in and around the village of Countesthorpe. We deliver high end dining to events with dishes all made fresh on site, and, in the case of our roasts, often with a lot of flair and spectacle to them. Our namesake hog roast speciality is a regal dining experience perfect for a place like Countesthorpe; our events are made to be stylish and unique, ensuring always that the dining experience is truly an event all of its own.

We provide for any occasion – corporate functions, parties, weddings, community functions, we will bring you premium catering at an affordable cost. This is premium dining worthy of the moniker as we fashion out a stylish dining experience seldom seen elsewhere on any other market. With finer ingredients from local British farms and sources our top chefs have the very best in roast dining for you to enjoy. The hog roast of our name is a dish so readily perfect that you’ll be craving it for every mealtime. We cook in the genuine hog roasting style to preserve the tradition as well as to add a bit of flair and spectacle to your day.

Personalised Catering With Hog Roast Countesthorpe

Hog Roast CountesthorpeThere’s never going to be a struggle to find something to eat with Hog Roast Countesthorpe.  With plenty of meat, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options you and your guests are most assuredly spoiled for choice. Hog Roast Countesthorpe has crafted a variety of menu and service packages befitting of specific event types, but we’re always more than happy to refine these with you to deliver the exact service you demand. We’ll find you a perfectly refined taste combination just for your event without the sweat of a lengthy bill afterwards!

So, if you’re looking for quality foods catered at an affordable price then remember that Hog Roast Countesthorpe is the place to call today.