Hog Roast Market Harborough

Hog Roast Market HarboroughHog Roast Market Harborough has a thriving canal community, with many permanent residents and the opportunity to hire barges for a relaxing holiday. The canal basin is home to creative workshops and studios, who open their doors once a year to host one of the biggest street arts festivals in the West Midlands. The town’s creative tendencies don’t stop their either, as it also has a local musical theatre group, an orchestra, brass band and rock choir.

There is no better companion to the town’s many creative public events than some of Hog Roast Market Harborough’s freshly prepared, superior quality pork. We can provide all manner of menus for different outdoor and indoor occasions across the town and we have the flexibility to cook in any location.

Hog Roast Market Harborough Has Great Food For All Occasions

Thanks to our own highly creative menus and versatile catering style, the Hog Roast Market Harborough team are able to offer you restaurant-quality food in both traditional and unconventional venues. If you choose us to cater for your event, you don’t have to be restricted to your choice of setting because we can deliver exceptional food and service wherever we are.

Our hog roasting equipment is compact and multi-functional, and our experienced mobile catering team are the best in the business. We can adapt to any environment and prepare all of our extensive menu options from scratch on site.

We can provide unbeatable pork sandwiches with all the trimming for large outdoor gatherings, as well as more refined 3-course meals for wedding receptions, corporate events and all manner of private parties. We also have themed and seasonal menus, making us a great option all year round for all different types of celebrations.

Hog Roast Market HarboroughWhatever menu you select, all of the ingredients will be locally sourced and of the best quality available, including all of our side dishes, canapés and vegetarian options.

Our style of service is just as flexible as our choice of menus, whether you would like a buffet where you can help yourself, assisted by our knowledgeable catering assistants, or full table service provided by our own events staff.

Wherever you would like to host your event in Market Harborough and whatever the occasion, when it comes to food and service the Hog Roast Market Harborough team can provide the winning formula every time.