Hog Roast Measham

Hog Roast MeashamHog Roast Measham delivers more than just a dining to your events in Measham; we deliver a stylish, spectacle filled event dining experience with quality running right through it from starters to the final bites of your dessert. Our goal in event catering always is to not only feed your event, but supplement it with a unique and rich experience that guests will enjoy and remember for some time to come.

How we do this? Well the clue is in our name. Our hog roast speciality adds a certain flair to every event, as our very own spit roaster blends tradition and modernity to create a perfect hog roast dining experience without any of the hassle or setup. Our chefs prepare your meats fresh, and after many hours roasting the result is a true achievement of taste and texture. With the fine spicing done in prep by our chefs, and the excellent slow charring of our spit roaster, our hog roast will delight your taste buds with its delicious crispy texture and inner juicy and delicate meat. It’s not to be missed!

We are available to hire for any type of event and will always work flexibly to your budget so that no one need miss out on our vitally unique food services! Be it weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, small dinner parties, festivals and more, Hog Roast Measham can facilitate and wow with our unique dining experience of traditionally made slow-roasted meats.

Hog Roast Measham Guarantees Quality Catering

Hog Roast MeashamAt Hog Roast Measham we are not, of course, just a one trick pig. We have many varying services that help add to your event, such as outdoor catering, barbecue dining, canapes and drink services, high end formal dinners or casual dining services. We offer so much more than just our speciality hog roast too. Though we’d always recommend it, we also have a vast range of salads, canapes, sides, meat options, or vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free substitutes so that no one needs to compromise on our great flavour. Whatever you need, and at whatever budget we will happily work to your specifications to help make your event special and personal to you!

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