Swap Out the Barbie For A Hog Roast This Summer With Hog Roast Eastwell

Hog Roast leicestershireEven though summer feels like it has yet to really get off to a sizzling start, we’re still sure that it’s coming, and so when it does you better be prepared with your summer dining plans ahead of time.

When the sun comes out here in the UK just about everyone has the same first thought: a barbecue. It’s a classic of British summertime for a reason; easy to do, simple yet delicious, perfect for having out in the sun, laid back enough as a culinary method that you can still come out to do what you’re really there for – enjoying the sun and lounging around. But what if we at Hog Roast Eastwell could offer you a sizzling summer option this year that is even better than the barbecue?

Sounds fanciful, right? Except if you know anything about Hog Roast Eastwell and our signature culinary style, then you’ll know it’s not. The hog roast of our name is not a dish only suited to those cold winter nights, but also for those summer scorchers where you want to be outside. Our hog roast cooks in the traditional spit style which is a cooking method that is better served outdoors as is, and with a whole pig being cooked you are getting far more meat than any barbecue would ever give you. This whole roasted pork comes hot off the spit ready to be finely carved or hand pulled for a some delicious pulled pork – the perfect roll filling that can replace your sausage rolls and burgers this summer.

Hog Roast Hog Roast leicestershireWhile everyone else is fighting away with their disposable barbecues, you could have the very best hog roast machine from yours truly easily cooking up your prized hog roast, along with a host of other meaty dishes too thanks to its additional attachments. Whether it is with our Hog Roast Eastwell chefs or by yourself, you’ll be the talk of the street with your upgrade on the barbecue.

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be one or the other. Our hog roast could be combined with a barbecue too for the ultimate summer sizzler – if you think you can handle all that brilliance at once, that is!