5 Reasons A Hog Roast Blaby Machine Is The Perfect For Festival Catering

Mobile festival catering comes in many exciting forms these days, but regardless of the type of food we are providing, we all want equipment that offers us the flexibility and usability to produce the volume, quality and variety of food required by our clients. In an ideal world, we want one piece of catering equipment that can do everything in one, to save time, space and effort.

Here are 5 top reasons why Hog Roast Blaby’s hog roasters are the mobile caterer’s dream machine for large-scale festival catering.


Our large capacity commercial machines can produce an incredibly high volume of hot food in one go. You can cook 2 whole hogs at the same time, as well as legs of lamb, whole chickens, 200 jacket potatoes and vegetable skewers, for example. Even if you are a solo caterer, feeding a hungry festival crowd is more than achievable.


Hog Roast BlabyThe last thing you want when you are in the middle of a busy service is for your catering equipment to suddenly let you down. This will never happen with a Hog Roast Blaby machine. Our robust and reliable hog roasters can handle the demands of large-scale festival catering on a regular basis. We also offer regular servicing as part of our purchase package to help keep your machine in top form.


Our hog roasters can cook multiple dishes simultaneously and they come with a variety of different attachments so you can diversify what you offer. This includes traditional spit roasts, in addition to barbecue and rotisserie chicken attachments as well enabling you to prepare a range of hot side dishes.


Our machines are designed for easy transportation and they can be used in any outdoor setting. As they run on gas, you don’t need any power source onsite, and you can cook in the middle of a remote field with ease.


Our hog roasters aren’t only designed with high-capacity catering in mind – they will also help you to achieve a consistently high standard of hot food and freshly made fare for you customers, offering you as a festival caterer the best of both worlds when it comes to the equipment you are using.