Sizzling Service For Summer With Hog Roast Burbage

It’s summertime in Britain and you of course know what that means: barbecues! There’s little we love more in this country than gathering up the family or your friends and getting the barbie out! But usually when it comes to barbecuing ourselves we all know how it usually turns out. Disposable barbecues not working, fire not staying hot long enough, someone forgetting to bring the rolls. It can be a struggle.

With Hog Roast Burbage, however, it isn’t! In fact with the premium style and professionalism of Hog Roast Burbage this is barbecuing like you’ve never enjoyed it before. Forget the stresses of relying on family members to bring the matches; forget the too many cooks messing around the disposable barbecue as it cools too early; instead, just sit back and let Hog Roast Burbage whisk you away with our better way to dine in style.

Hog Roast BurbageA few of our customers have already taken up the initiative to bring Hog Roast Burbage out to their barbecues this summer so far, and they’ve been impressed every time. We’re adding the sizzle to their summer events with our state-of-the-art hog roast machines which are so ingeniously designed to be able to double up as top end barbecues meaning we can cook up a huge batch of burgers, sausages, kebabs, veggie skewers and more all at once! With Hog Roast Burbage the rolls just don’t stop coming. Our Catering Manager will have you barbecued out by the end of the day – but if not then you know where to find us again!

Already this summer some of our favourite customers have loved their selection of handmade burgers, gourmet sausages, BBQ ribs, chicken kebabs and jackfruit rolls. If that wasn’t enough they were also treated to fresh salads and our own freshly made chips and sweet potato fries – we weren’t kidding when we said Our Catering Manager would have you barbecued out! With a heatwave on its way we can’t think of any better time to get the sun lotion out and get the barbecue on the go, so why not get calling to Hog Roast Burbage today to book your sizzling summer service for an event!