Enjoy The King’s Coronation With A Royal Roast From Hog Roast Bushby

Hog Roast BushbyWe’re only a little over a month away now from the King’s coronation – a historic weekend which will see the entire nation enjoy lavish celebrations in ode to a new king taking the throne. Of course while ol’ Charlie will no doubt have all of his party and dining arrangements already made (without Hog Roast Bushby we noticed, Charles…) you may not, and for such a celebration we know you’re probably going to want quite the royal feast. That is where we at Hog Roast Bushby can help. We can cater your events across the long weekend, delivering excellent dining worthy of a king himself at a cost substantially less than the price of the royal jewels. For your coronation weekend Hog Roast Bushby has all your event catering needs in hand; our roasts are assured to make the day and keep your party going all through the 3 day weekend.

Hog Roast BushbyWhat better a choice for a coronation than a roast banquet, after all. In all of the tv shows and movies you’ll regularly see regal parties enjoying massive hog roasts, or whole roasted chicken drums, or a massive beef cutlet. It’s the dining of choice for royalty, so why not make it the dining of choice for your royal party too with Hog Roast Bushby! We have a range of options to serve your coronation party. We could make it a barbecue too, since we in Britain love little more than a great barbecue in the sun, or we can serve a roast buffet of your choice, or lighter bites, canapes and the like to keep guests tided over with plenty of delicious nibbles.

We can cater indoor or out, for if you are holding a street party with all of your neighbours, or if you want to watch on the telly in a booked out hall while enjoying great dining with friends and family. It’s going to be the largest party of the year in the country, so why not make sure yours is something to boast about with catering from Hog Roast Bushby!

There’s still time to book with us now, so get to it!