Hog Roast Arnesby Prepares For Our First Open-Air Christmas Market Of The Year!

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun, and Hog Roast Arnesby couldn’t be more thrilled about the merry celebrations that await us! As we gear up for the holiday season, our excitement reaches new heights as the bookings come flooding in.

Next week marks a significant moment for us as we will be participating in our first festive event of the year, setting the stage for what promises to be a season filled with warmth, joy, and irresistible flavours.

Byron, our dedicated catering manager, is preparing to showcase our culinary prowess at an open-air Christmas market outside of our usual vicinity, and he is committed to ensuring that all attendees are treated to an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Hog Roast ArnesbyAt this highly anticipated event, Hog Roast Arnesby will be serving our acclaimed hog roast rolls, a hearty sandwich to keep visitors warm from within. Imagine soft gluten-free baps, delicately cradling piping hot pulled pork, crisp crackling, flavourful stuffing, and a dollop of applesauce. Each bite promises a fusion of textures and tastes, bringing comfort and delight to all who indulge.

For our vegetarian and vegan friends, we have a mouth watering alternative in the form of BBQ-pulled jackfruit rolls, exquisitely dressed with coleslaw, providing a delectable option that caters to diverse tastes.

To elevate the festive atmosphere, we will be offering alcohol-optional mulled wine, a fragrant elixir that warms the soul, and freshly baked mince pies that melt in the mouth, leaving behind a lingering sweetness.

This Christmas market is more than just an event for Hog Roast Arnesby  – it’s an opportunity to extend our roots into the community, to share our passion for exceptional food, and to forge connections with potential customers and clients. We are determined to make a lasting impression, to spread holiday cheer, and to kick start the season with a resounding bang.

We can’t wait to see everyone at the event and are looking forward to sharing our popular creations with the masses. We’re confident it’s going to be a thrilling experience that embodies the spirit of Christmas.

Cheers to a season filled with warmth, delectable delights, and the joy of coming together – let the festivities begin!