Get The Best Out Of Your Christmas Roasts With Tips From Hog Roast Chilcote

Hog Roast ChilcoteChristmas dining is one of our favourites here at Hog Roast Chilcote. It is a special kind of dinner that has some of the best foods in it, and when made properly it can really make your Christmas. Some, however, may find the prospect of the Christmas dinner daunting, so Hog Roast Chilcote are going to provide you with just a few of our top tips to get the very best out of your Christmas roast at home.

If you speak to any one of our highly skilled Hog Roast Chilcote chefs about best practices for your Christmas roast the first thing they’ll ask you is where are you getting your foods. A roast is only ever as good as the meat it started with, so for the best Christmas turkey it may help to go to a local butcher. Your local butcher will no doubt have a waiting list for turkey’s, but since it is November you may have just enough time to squeeze on. The difference in quality will be worth the extra effort it takes to procure. From a butcher your meat is going to be of a much higher quality since it will have had less processing, plus you’ll be able to learn exactly where it came from and will be able to take it home even fresher too. Freshness is a huge bonus when it comes to making a roast too.

Hog Roast ChilcoteThe next thing to consider when making your Christmas roast is the seasoning. Whatever you do before the roast will pay dividends at the end as your seasoning, even if it just as simple as a bit of salt and a bit of pepper, will crisp up and spread its flavour all throughout your meat as it slowly roasts. No one likes bland meat, so don’t be afraid of throwing your seasoning on there.

After that it is all time, time, time. The slower and the longer you can go the better. At Hog Roast Chilcote we typically roast our foods for around 4-6 hours, and they turn extremely slowly in our spit machines. Time will allow you to get the very best from your roast, so try to budget it accordingly. With this, your Christmas dinner can be just as good as Hog Roast Chilcote roast!