Hog Roast Whetstone Is Here To Make Every Birthday Feel Magical!

Hog Roast WhetstoneEveryone deserves to feel special on their birthday – that’s a given – and one method of honouring a birthday boy or girl that always works is throwing them a surprise birthday party!

Now, if you’ve never planned a party before, let alone a surprise party, you might feel a little out of your depth at first, but don’t worry; Hog Roast Whetstone is here to help you out!

With several decades of catering expertise under our aprons, you can trust us when we tell you that Hog Roast Whetstone has handled more than our fair share of surprise birthday parties over the years, so we know what it takes to pull them off. Not only that, but our team is great at keeping schtum, so you’ll never have to worry about the celebrant finding out about your plans from us – our lips are sealed.

One client who recently discovered how easy event planning is with Hog Roast Whetstone in tow is Erin. She had been looking for a way to honour her husband Harvey’s 40th birthday; and after deciding on a surprise party and asking a friend for catering recommendations, she soon found herself talking to our catering manager about menu plans.

Erin could hardly believe how quick and easy it was to book with us, and she was even more impressed with the affordability of our Alfresco Menu, which was within her budget and ticked all of her boxes.

Hog Roast WhetstoneStriving to add an extra air of luxury to the event, Erin had also booked a function hall at a nearby golf club for Harvey’s special celebration. Hog Roast Whetstone arrived at this venue hours before any of the guests showed up, and, as always, they made every moment count by throwing themselves into food prep.

The hours whizzed by, and before anyone knew it, the guests had begun to arrive. Erin and the birthday boy weren’t far behind them, and once everyone was in attendance, Hog Roast Whetstone unveiled the buffet they had spent all afternoon working to create.

Our irresistible fork-tender pulled pork, crackling, stuffing, applesauce, side salads, roast potatoes, and coleslaw proved an instant hit and paired perfectly with the Italian-inspired charcuterie boards. To finish, guests were treated to profiteroles, chocolate torte and a slice of birthday cake.