New Year’s brings the fireworks, Hog Roast Kingstone brings the celebrations!

Hog Roast KingstoneGoodbye 2022, hello 2023! Well, perhaps not yet but with not long left until the New Year you can already start to feel the time passing by faster, rushing towards a new beginning! At Hog Roast Kingstone we’ve been preparing for celebrating the New Year, with lots of people requesting our catering services for their celebrations. Why not join the party?

Hog Roast Kingstone has something for everyone and for any occasion, so whether you’re planning a huge event, going from day till evening, or a small party, we got you covered. From our delicious festive menu at this time of year, offering a choice of slow roasted pig and whole roasted turkeys – both with delectable stuffing – to our fabulous full Hog Roast menu, we are here to offer the best food for your event! And even better, the next day while you eat the leftovers from the party you can really say that you haven’t eaten such good food since last year!

Julie is one of the people who contacted Hog Roast Kingstone, asking them to deliver an unforgettable New Year’s meal. She knows that they’re more than capable of doing so, as she had them cater for her wedding in the past. She ordered a simple roasted pig and crackling, with delicious pulled jackfruit for her mother who is a vegetarian, with a mixed salad and gourmet coleslaw as the sides. She mentioned that she’s been in love with our coleslaw since the wedding, so she had to have it on the menu for the party! Hog Roast Kingstone can’t wait to bring another fantastic feast to her new years event and be part of yet another special night in her life.

Hog Roast KingstoneIf fireworks on New Years are not your cup of tea, then why not let Hog Roast Kingstone bring an explosion of flavours in your mouth -the best kind, of course- instead? Let our delicious cooking bring you the spark you need to start the New Year right!