Catering Highlights For November From Your Hog Roast Countesthorpe Teams!

Hog Roast CountesthorpeWith December here it is officially now the run-in to Christmas, which for all of our Hog Roast Countesthorpe teams means lots of work to do, but we thought it might be worth taking just a quick second here before the craziness begins to share some of our highlights from events that our teams catered for in November.

Even though we are talking about the official run-in to Christmas beginning in December, our Hog Roast Countesthorpe teams have already been right in the festive swing of things all throughout November. As soon as Halloween was over our teams were already getting to work prepping our festive services. That meant refreshing ourselves on our menus, prepping our service teams, and of course getting the decorations back out. It even meant enjoying a couple of staged Christmas dinners here at work! That work wasn’t for nought as even in November we had Christmas events to attend.

One such Christmas event that our team loved was doing the Christmas light switch-ons around Countesthorpe. Hog Roast Countesthorpe were lucky enough to be invited out to a few of the smaller ones around the place where we handed out fresh pork and turkey rolls to help warm everyone up and keep the carols going for the Christmas lights to be switched on!

Hog Roast CountesthorpeThe end of November in the States also means Thanksgiving dinner, and since we at Hog Roast Countesthorpe have global partners from the US that we provide corporate catering to for their operations here in the UK, we were thankful to be included with their holiday celebrations on the last Thursday of the month. We also provided similar private catering services for our American customers here in the UK that were missing their most delicious dining tradition from home. Hog Roast Countesthorpe is always going to get right behind a holiday that is all about being grateful for roast foods, after all!

We of course also had bonfire night to enjoy in November. The fireworks weren’t the only thing making a bang that night as our Hog Roast Countesthorpe teams put on a fiery show with our incredible hog roast! Our hog roast looked right at home alongside the sparklers, bonfires, and fireworks on a brilliant night where our teams served hot pork rolls and hot drinks.

December is only going to bring more brilliant events, so stay tuned for more from Hog Roast Countesthorpe!