Hog Roast Allexton – A Blissful Wedding Feast For A Loved-Up Couple!

Surrounded by the timeless beauty of a historic farmhouse and nestled within 20 acres of enchanting countryside, Grace and Finley’s wedding was nothing short of a fairytale come to life. The couple had meticulously planned their big day, selecting a converted 18th-century barn that exuded rustic charm and set the stage for a truly idyllic and romantic celebration.

To complement the quaint setting, Hog Roast Allexton took pride in presenting the newlyweds and their 100 guests with our Southern Slow Roast Menu, which perfectly matched the ambience of the historic farmhouse. With our catering manager, Byron, in charge, the dining service unfolded seamlessly, resulting in a culinary experience that will be impossible to forget.

Post-vows, guests were treated to a flavourful array of dishes, featuring Cajun-spiced whole roast chickens, succulent BBQ pork butt, and fall-off-the-bone Louisiana sticky pork ribs. Each meat had been skilfully pre-seasoned with our secret recipe rubs and slow-cooked over real flames for several hours, ensuring flavours that packed a punch.

Hog Roast AllextonCatering to the preferences of non-meat-eating guests, Hog Roast Allexton offered entirely plant-based BBQ-pulled jackfruit rolls paired with a crisp coleslaw. Adding a customisable touch to each dish, a trio of sauces – smokey sweet BBQ glaze, Cajun hot pepper sauce (for those with an adventurous palate), and the legendary hickory bourbon BBQ sauce – allowed guests to tailor the flavours to their liking.

The sides were no less impressive, with Hog Roast Allexton knocking it out of the park with Memphis-style crunchy coleslaw, sweet potato and regular fries, and classic mac and cheese. The culinary ensemble was met with enthusiastic approval from the guests, who savoured each and every bite, making the dining experience a highlight of Grace and Finley’s special day.

As the sun set over the charming countryside and the historic venue echoed with laughter and joy, Hog Roast Allexton had not only met but exceeded the expectations of the couple and their guests. Grace and Finley couldn’t have asked for a better dinner service to complement their fairy tale wedding, and the memories of this delightful celebration will undoubtedly linger for years to come.