Delicious, Fantastic Food For All Of Your Guests From Hog Roast Drayton

While Hog Roast Drayton is well-known for our succulent, moist hog roast centrepieces, where we cook free-range pigs for an age until they’re soft and tender inside and crispy and golden on the outside, full of our salty crackling, we’re also known for offering plenty of choice and variety so that everyone we cater for can enjoy our food, regardless of diet or taste. What that means for you is that everyone you invite to your next special occasion will be catered for and with gorgeous, suitable offerings that we’re sure will be remembered for a long time to come, and at a reasonable price too.

Like many of our customers, you may well be dreaming of a hog roast made into either a plated meal together with potatoes and vegetables or piles of our pigs in buns, and either way, ours come with tasty homemade trimmings that you know and love. Nevertheless, if you fancy your favourite meat spit-roasted instead, like chicken, turkey, sirloin of beef or a whole English lamb, which are all served with suitable trimmings, we can easily do that instead, and you can choose from a wide variety of possibilities if you need multiple courses too.

Hog Roast Drayton Take a look at our extensive Hog Roast Drayton menus and you’ll find sides, starters and desserts to suit various tastes, and we can also whip up some handmade canapés to welcome your guests to your party or event, with or without a drinks service. Plus we can cater for all kinds of diets if needed, like vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free. So, for example, if you’d like to order a hog roast main, served as pigs in buns buffet-style, as well as a vegan main and a gluten-free main, your vegan guests could try our lovely pulled pork alternative of jackfruit, served in a bun with slaw on the side, and we can easily make our pigs in buns gluten-free by taking along suitable rolls and wraps for that guest too.

Whatever food you’re thinking of, regardless of your guests’ needs, Hog Roast Drayton will cater in style and with delicious, suitable food, each and every time.