Hog Roast Field Head Had A Blast At A Kid’s Carnival Birthday Bash

For us, children’s parties are always lots of fun to cater for, so when Lorrie asked us to serve a kid-friendly meal at her daughter Emily’s 9th birthday bash, we couldn’t say yes fast enough!

The party went ahead on Sunday afternoon and was attended by 23 of Emily’s classmates. The theme of the celebration centred around the circus, so Lorrie had transformed her garden into a mini carnival complete with colourful tents, each of which catered to a different carnivalesque activity – think face painting, balloon popping and juggling. There were also popcorn and candyfloss carts, hook-a-bag games, a clown who made balloon animals, and she even managed to get a real-life lion to entertain the children! Okay, so it wasn’t really a lion – it was the family Lab, Rocky, wearing a lion’s mane! The icing on the cake (besides that which covered the literal birthday cake) was the BBQ Menu that Hog Roast Field Head prepared for the guests.

Hog Roast Field Head The banquet of handmade British beef burger patties, which were served on gluten-free rolls with a fresh slice of tomato, lettuce and melting cheese, juicy gourmet hog dogs in a soft bun, succulent chicken kebabs and spareribs coated in a sticky barbeque sauce, was perfect for the kids to dig into. They really loved the variety on offer, which allowed them to pick and mix their favourite flavours with the mixed fries, coleslaw and salad side options. So as not to leave the veggie and vegan children out, Hog Roast Field Head also made sure to prepare our BBQ pulled jackfruit option, which sees this meat alternative served slow and simmered in a hickory sauce atop gluten-free rolls with a vegan coleslaw dressing.

Emily and the children were in awe of the party that Lorrie had put together, and the Hog Roast Field Head team had a grand old time serving them one of our best-rated menus. When the main course was complete and the birthday girl had blown out her candles, our catering manager, Lee, sliced up the cake and served it to the children with fresh berries and whipped cream.